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The Knit Project is the brain child of two brothers originally from Bangladesh, who, in their time in the States could not find well-fitted, fashionable sweaters that suited their globally inspired aesthetic at an affordable price. This lack of options encouraged the brothers to pool their resources and capitalize on their experiences in the fashion industry to launch The Knit Project.

A project in the truest sense, we strive to create sweaters that are both fashionable and functional. This duality is reflected in both the creativity in design and the obsessive attention to detail, fit and structure. We partnered up with a small socially responsible factory, which allowed us to control the entire manufacturing cycle and ensure the best quality of products, made manually with time and care.

We keep our selection small because every sweater has been carefully and passionately designed, crafted, tested and then sent back to the drawing board to iron out even the most negligible imperfections. The construction, feel, yarn, colors and of course, designs are all the result of countless hours of conscious thought, diligence, and an unmitigated desire to bring you quality knitwear that will not only make you look great but feel great as well.